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Donít waste time on checkers, play a real game for the mind!


Chess is a game of the mind. It can really take you hours to contemplate your next move only to be surprised with a counter move of a check mate. Imagine that happening when you are playing online. Not sure what your opponent looks like, no visual cues to help you learn that his mind is already aware of his next move. This is what we call taking chess to a whole new level!

Spectrum Chess Games is a fine initiative to bring chess enthusiasts together in this exciting game of mind bending chess to flaunt their mental prowess to online contenders. You not only have the opportunity to play unlimited chess games but you can also enrol in the tournaments which has a new excitement level all together!

  • You can look for possible contenders online by meeting new players. If this doesn’t excite you enough, try to play with your friends online. We will also give you access to training videos so that you can improve your game and offer better challenge next time. 
  • If you are a novice and not someone who has been playing chess for years, we have someone for you as well. You can team up with the players who are as new as you are and still challenge each other. You can move up the level as you learn the tips and the tricks of the game and offer far better competition as you get the hang of the game.
  • Spectrum chess games manage the multiplayer chess tournaments online with finesse. You can feel the tension and the competitive spirit even when you are playing from the comforts of your home. The tournaments will put you up against some fine players to offer you a great challenge and also a mind nerving experience.



The simple game of chess is passé. Now there are more levels, puzzles and the final match with the grandmaster for the ultimate victory, only if you can gain victory over him! A game that started on a friendly not can go a long way in becoming a cut throat competition. Give 15 minutes of your day to this fascinating game and hone your brain for many years to come. 

Chess games are known to go on forever. We understand that you may have to step out for some time to meet with other needs. Well no worries, you will not be forced to quit but you can pause the game for as long as you like and pick it up where you left off! Always try different strategies and see what works best. 

Do not try to be a smart one by playing with “one size fits all” approach. Every opponent has a different set of strategies so put up a new level challenge or him to beat. The artificial intelligence or the AI as we call it in the gaming world is very smart and will pick up patterns. So outsmart the AI and set out there to compete the challenge


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Hear what the online players had to say about their thrilling chess game with the other contenders!

Wow!! What a game!! Spectrum Chess games, you really did put me against something ! I had the best game ever and I plan to continue playing for several more levels till I become the undisputed champion of Online Chess.
Niamh Gardner

Happy Client

It is fun to be placed against an interesting opponent in a game of chess. You just don’t know what the other person is capable of. Good Job done by Spectrum Chess by innovating in this arena of online gaming.
Alexander Bell

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